OBJECTIVE: To help a community of teachers share information about best practices and effective strategies using WEB 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0 tools. In addition to Online Learning applications to provide efficient learning environments. These environments provide community sharing and building that will help teachers increase student motivation, resiliency, and practice necessary for developing online test taking skills!

In this Wiki Teachers will become aware of:
  1. How to use Web 2.0 tools, Web 3.0 tools , & Web 4.0 tools to train students to build online testing stamina.

  2. How to become a better 21st century professional& implement classroom technology activities that build student skills with digital test-taking tools.

  3. How to gain an understanding of learning styles and strategies to implement assessments for online testing, in order to give effective feedback for instruction.

  4. How to enhance student technology literacy in the classroom, on tests, and as life-long learners in their future workplace.


Example Problem Set/Criteria:

The Albemarle County Public School Educational Technology Plan says-

"The expectation that educational technology will successfully support learning and student achievement depends on its effective integration in classrooms. This requires teachers to know more than basic technology skills�they must also know appropriate strategies for incorporating technology to support curricular goals. Many researchers, educators, and policymakers agree that successful technology integration emphasizes content and pedagogy, notsimply hardware (Cuban & Kirkpatrick, 1998; Earle, 2002; Olson & Clough, 2001; Panel on Educational Technology, 1997; Rogers, 1999; Schwab & Foa, 2001).

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